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How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By

How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By - hello friends are you looking for information related to technology? ... if yes ... then you are right to come to blog Techno Aspirations because here we will display information about the latest gadgets or old ones though, well now we will discuss first about How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By as you are looking for, hopefully the information we will convey can answer your question to google, please see.

Articles : How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By
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How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By

Every one want to /2013/09/best-ways-for-student-to-make-money-online.html" target="_blank">earn online as a hobby to use its time in a good way.There are too much sources available online which allows you to earn money.Facebook,twitter, /2013/08/how-to-make-money-using-pinterest.html" target="_blank">pinterest are social media which you used in daily routine source of earning.Blogging, /2013/04/how-to-create-google-adsense-account.html" target="_blank">Google adsense and /2013/08/how-to-earn-more-money-at-bubblews-make.html" target="_blank">bubblews are others powerful source of earning. If you think tough these job and in search of easy job to earn handsome amount of money,then this post is for you. In this post you will learn /2013/10/top-5-url-shortening-websites-which.html" target="_blank">how to earn money by shrinking URL's.

How to Automatically Shrink url of

Why need to shirink URL's:

It’s not easy to remember long URLs. Writing long URLs give a bad look in a text so we shrink URLs to have a good look,.Best advantage is that its easy to remember short URL's. is best URL Shirinking site:

Also Read: /2013/10/top-5-url-shortening-websites-which.html" target="_blank">Top 5 websites to Earn money by URL shortening

There are many sites which allows you to shrink URL's.But all are not work as good as is free service by which not only you can short ULR but also can earn money by sharing URLs.

How to to Earn more by using

After selecting best URL shortinng site like, next question is how to Earn more by using are some tips which I suggest you for earning ny as follow.
Use Full page script.
Post Shrinked URLs in Forums.
Put Links in Yahoo Answers.
Share shrinked URLs on your webpages.
Share shrinked URLs on Social media networks like facebook.
Send Rapidshare, Fileserver etc. downloading links by first shrinking them. Full page script: Full page script is powerfull mechanism which change everry link of website in short URL.If visitor click on this short link then you earn money. It automatically short every link of your site.

How can I use Adf.Ly full page script:

As it is helping and source of earning to enable Full page script on your website. So next question is how to enable Full page script. Its too much easy to add full page script.Below follow steps to earn money by adding script of

1. Go to

2. dashboard>>layout>>add a gadget>>HTML java script.

3. Copy and paste below code in HTML java script code.

4.change YOUR-ADF.LY-ID in above code to your YOUR-ADF.LY-ID.

var adfly_id = YOUR-ADF.LY-ID;
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var exclude_domains = ['', '',];
<script src=””></script>

5. Click on save.Thats all.You have successfully add full page script on your blog/website.

Point to be Noted:

Below are two points which you should notice while adding script.

1. If you don’t wan’t to update some links automatically than write them after “var exclude_domains” in line # 3 of above code.

2. Best thing is that write your blog/website URL in exclude domains line because user have to wait for 5 seconds to skip ad which will leave bad impact on viewers.

Payment criteria of

Now let's move to most important thing which is related to give you minimum payout of $5 via Payza and Paypal.Click per views depend upon country traffic.If you have heavy traffic of U.S.A and UK then you will earn high money. If your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s) the you will get payment via /2013/12/verify-payza-account.html" target="_blank">Payza or /2013/08/verify-paypal-account-in-pakistan.html" target="_blank">Paypal.

just so much information about How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By

hopefully the information we provide about How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By can give answer your question to google, and you feel satisfied about this.

you just finished reading the article with the title How to Automatically Shrink url of || Earn Money By if you feel this information need to bookmark or share please use link do not forget there are many other information in this blog, please visit other page.

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